Who are we?

Unlike so many other companies out there, PWN Consulting started out not as a business but as a passion for something so new that everyone was afraid of it - Information Technology.

When you have passion like that you start right at the beginning - the very principles on which the whole IT industry is built upon (the binary system), and slowly build up your knowledge until you have a deep, extended understanding how things work.

The current IT field is so vast and complex no single person can ever hope to understand it all. However we genuinely believe that we have such a deep understanding of IT that we can implement most systems with the utmost of confidence.

We have been in business since 2001, however our passion for IT started way back in 1993. Our business started in South Africa, and have been operating out of Canada since 2009. During the past 14 years we have been rendering services in three different continents, namely Africa, Europe and North America.

What do we do?

Simply put - we engineer complete software based systems for a variety of markets. Our typical client is a corporate wanting to enhance their internal business functions, integrate disparate systems or to have a dynamic e-commerce portal on the Internet. These are rather broad definitions, and so too is the scope of work we do.

Our main focus is on supporting the continuous process of increasing automation every competitive corporate inevitably faces. To increase sales and minimise expenses, companies become more and more automated every day. In order to achieve these goals, software needs to be engineered. Since businesses are unique and using that as competitive advantage, so too should the software solutions be unique. That is why so many times off-the-shelf software fall short of businesses' expectations.

Even with off-the-shelf software, businesses rarely rely on a single application. More often than not do businesses run many disparate systems, and in most cases these systems do not communicate well with each other. We can help integrate these systems so that information flow is increased, and errors from manual processing drastically reduced.

Ok, but what do we really do?

We use standards based, enterprise grade tools to write software. Typical technologies used are Microsoft .NET, J2EE, C++/Win32/UNIX, XML, CORBA, Asynchronous Messaging, SQL, RDBMS, HTML, SOAP etc.

We see technology simply as tools - a means to an end, and not the end in itself - to solve specific problems. Some companies are stuck in one technology or paradigm and cannot see outside of the box they created for themselves. Since we understand so many different paradigms in which to solve problems, we can easily adapt to specific needs and be as efficient as possible.

Why us?

Because we have never1 been late on any project? Because we always offer a Service Level Agreement to ensure continuity? Or maybe because our software are so reliable, secure and user friendly? We are involved from the very initial high level business requirements process right through to maintaining your system through its useful life. We understand all phases of this life cycle, and this adds great value to your company.

If you do not believe us, ask one of our various clients... Most of them have been with us for more than a decade.

1 Where we were managing the project, 3rd parties did not delay us and where projects were started on the planned date.