Our primary focus is on custom software development. Through the years we have engineered a vast amount of different systems, enabling us to fulfill most clients' needs.

We have extensive experience in Java - both in J2SE and J2EE environments. We have successfully deployed systems ranging from the small rich client Java swing applications to the full blown J2EE clustered e-commerce sites.

Most companies specialise in either of the two major enterprise grade platforms - J2EE or .NET. We specialise in both. The benefit of this is that we can provide our clients with the best solution for their specific needs and are not tied to one specific paradigm.

But that is not where it stops. Long before the days of J2EE and .NET we started out as highly skilled assembly language developers, adopting C then C++ as we devoured more and more technological tools. Then it expanded to Pascal, Basic, Delphi, ASP, DHTML, XML, Python, SQL, RDBMS, COM, XSL, Object Oriented Design principles, UML, CORBA, PHP, Perl etc.

Industries we have experience in include telecommunications, retail, marketing, financial and engineering. We have successfully designed and implemented large volume transactional systems running in clustered environments, a large scale web based rebates system generating $50 million revenue per month, content management systems, enterprise e-commerce web portals, automated relay test bed systems for the SPAM 150 C and SPAJ 142C series relay, etc.

Our philosophy in development is that if you do not write better code the second time you do something, you are not worth the name of a professional developer. In other words, with every project completed one should grow and learn from your experiences as to continuously better your skills.


Apart from the custom development services we provide, we also provide specialist consulting on various aspects of Information Technology. The major areas of consultation include security assessments, architectural design, designing robust and resilient systems and good programming practises.

It is shocking to see how many IT directors/managers are oblivious to IT security - even though it is costing the IT industry billions every year. It is even more shocking to realise how few developers understand and actually care about security. Since we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and maintaining lasting relationships, we are pedantic about security holes in both our code and the delivery infrastructure we use. Our input to this important subject can make the difference between being hacked and facing public scrunity and embarrassment, or being such a difficult target that hackers go elsewhere.

Designing a new product can be extremely challenging - especially if software development is not your business' primary skills. Too many businesses attempt to cut on consultation fees and outsourcing products, only to realise later that after wasting huge amounts of money, they cannot deliver practical systems. Software development is as much an art and science as is Neurosurgery. Sure, you probably won't kill someone if you make a mistake (though not always the case - think about elevator software or missile guidance software), but writing bad code is just as evil as pretending to be a Neurosurgeon but in reality you have just read a couple of books on the subject...

We can help you create a solid design based on practical experience backed by a deep theoretical background, in order to ensure success without unnecessary risk or cost. An aspect we pride ourselves on is that we are not sales people. We do not even have a sales department, because we believe a sales person (without extensive training) will never be able to fully understand a client's needs and be able to speak to those needs satisfactorily. Only people deeply involved with all aspects of software engineering can truly understand, translate, implement and realise said needs.